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on digital marketing for more than 5 years.So in this cause, I’m going to share with you some of my best tips and strategies that are going to help you to increase your sales and other business promotion as well.So the distinction between this online course and then online courses on digital marketing is that I’m going to explain in simple terms how the various digital marketing tools, such as social media and Google Apps, search engine optimization, can actually increase the size of your business.

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So more specifically, we’re going to cover some social media marketing tips.We’re going to explain some of the internal marketing principles that are crucial for every business.We also are going to say some of your best practices and how we can utilise ASIO to generate more traffic to our website, to your website.We’re going to I’m going to also explain to you some tips on how to use Google ads and how you can get more clients from Google Arts and Google Display Network.

I’m also going to share with you some sales techniques on how to influence potential customers.So they’re going to be more inclined to buy from your product or service is also going to share with you have some strategies for fast business growth because it’s all about growth.And finally, I want to share with you how to create systems and operations that are going to help you to sustain that growth.

So I want you to pay attention to every single lesson in this course and to take note because every lesson has something that is going to help you to increase your sales as well.

Why Internet Marketing and Social Media are important for businesses

How to use telemarketing marketing to promote your services to promote your products.So first of all let’s start with some important statistics.Okay.As we see from this slide here the population of the earth has reached more than 7 billion people.So we have more than seven people seven billion people.And we have 35 per cent of those people who are using the Internet.Now that percentage is only 35 per cent which is a small number a percentage.


But if we take the absolute number we see that there are two point five billion people who are actually using the Internet.We are searching to find information.And you know they are most probably also looking to find information about products and services.But even there are some people right now all of those 2.5 billion who are searching for your product and services the services and products that you can sell to them.If we see the percentage of social media users globally we see that it reaches 26 per cent.

That’s the statistics for 2014.Now 26 per cent again.It’s a small number.But if we take the absolute numbers we’re talking about one point eight billion people who have active social media users.OK.And since the percentage of the Internet users and social media users is so low that means there is a huge potential because that percentage is going to grow.And we see that happening.

Let’s see the next slide as we see here in 2016.These are more recent statistics.We see that there is a growth of active Internet users by 10 per cent.So a year between 2015 and 2016, there is an additional 30 there.Three hundred and thirty-two million people are now using the Internet so more and more people day after day more and more people around the globe are using the Internet to find information.

So that means more and more people are potential customers for your products and services.We also see there is an increase of 10 percent of social media users which means there is an additional 219 million people were actively using social media.And we have and we see there is an increase in social media users.We are active social media users through their mobile phones.

So the important thing here as we see is that we have to be out there.We have to be online and we have to be on social media as well.And let’s go through their most recent statistics if we take compared 2016 and 2017.Again we see that the growth of Internet users again reached 10 per cent so we have a 10 percent increase which means there is an additional three hundred fifty-four million people we’re now using the Internet

can do matching and so as we speak more and more people are using the Internet and more and more people are using social media.So if you have a Web site and you promote that Website you promote your printing services through the Internet through the internal market and through social media means you can sell globally.And that number of potential customers is growing day after day.

Now if we take this statistics form for the European Union as we see we have 84 percent of the population in Europe, they’re using the Internet and fifty-five per cent they have the purchased during the last month but that was last year.Now let’s see them.The most recent statistics we see here we have 84 percent of the population uses the Internet and 66 per cent of those buy online.

If we see in the United States we have eighty-seven point nine percent using the Internet and seventy 79 per cent of the population is buying online so that’s amazing.So there they’re business people.The day is that you have to invest in learning about Internet marketing and social media because that’s where all your position most of your potential customers are looking for.So they are potential customers that are looking for your products and services right now.

And you should be there.So my tip for these videos is that you have to invest in learning more about how to use those tools that are going to help you increase your sales and promote and grow your business.Now my second tip is that if I go back in and as we see there is a 10 percent increase in Internet users and 21 per cent increase in social media users.

So my second tip is that year after year you should spend more of your advertising budget on the internet marketing digital marketing and social media on Google AdWords on search engine optimization because that’s where your potential customers are going.They are searching online.So you have to increase that advertising budget your online advertising budget by at least 10 per cent.

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