Best way to monetization on youtube fast 2022

In this video, we’re going to be going over a complete guide on how to get monetized on a youtube channel to get monetized on. Youtube, you need 1 000 subscribers and 4 000 hours of watch time and this video. It will be a free course and a complete guide for getting monetized as fast as possible, and it’s.going to be broken up into three parts. In part one, I will go over how to get 1 000 subscribers on youtube fast. 


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In part 2, I’m going to reveal how to get 4 000 hours of watch time as fast as possible, and in part three, we’re going to. To go over how I’ve gotten monetized in just 27 days and how you can implement these same tactics that I’ve used. To get monetized as fast as possible, we’ll have a bonus section later within the video that will reveal how to get a monetized channel without even being monetized.

 Now you’re probably wondering what I mean by that, but rest assured that it will be precious to you, and I can’t wait to share it without further ado. Let’s start with part number one, which is how to get 1 000 subscribers on youtube as fast as possible right now. So how do you get your first thousand subscribers on youtube? 

To see a lot of people. I think getting their first thousand subscribers has to be this super complex and complicated process, but it’s not if you know what you’re doing. I’ve been able to get over a million subscribers on a youtube channel and over a hundred thousand subscribers on multiple other media using the tactics.

I’m going to show you in this video, and I’m talking about getting your first thousand subscribers in the next couple of months. You probably know that to monetize your channel and start making money from youtube ads. You need a thousand subscribers and 4 000 hours of watch time. In this video, I will show you how you can get that first thousand subscribers to monetize your channel and start making money now. Before we get into this video, hit that subscribe button and leave a comment below. 

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I’ve subscribed. I’ll try my best to reply to as many comments as possible, and this brings us into secret number one, which is asking people to subscribe. Now here’s where most people go wrong. They typically say something like making sure to smash that subscribe button. Now the problem with this is that you’re not telling. the viewer

What they will be getting in return, and one of the best things you can give them is some one-on-one attention. How can you do this by having them leave a comment below the video saying I subscribed, so saying something

making sure to subscribe

along the lines of making sure to subscribe and leave a comment below? I subscribed, and we’ll try our best to reply to your comment. If you say something like this and just a couple of people comment, I subscribe, and then every new viewer who watches your video. You will likely see those comments and see the social proof of everybody subscribing, and all you need is just a couple of people to comment. I subscribed, and 

then it’s like a snowball effect. You’ll get a lot more subscribers to views now. Suppose you don’t want to do this on every single video you upload to make sure to give a value proposition of what you’re offering in return for them subscribing, for example. In that case, be sure to hit that subscribe button for regular videos on how to make money online or whatever your channel is about. Secret number two is to model proven

content. You might be saying well, where do I find proven content now? The way you can do this is by going to youtube and putting your channel niche in the search bar; for example, let’s say you wanted to make technology videos and put tech in the search bar of youtube and then filter the results on youtube by uploaded in the past week

how to get 100 subscribers on youtube in a day.

 And then sort those videos from the highest to the lowest view count. This will show you proven recently uploaded videos that are getting a lot of views, but you will want to ensure that the topic is somewhat evergreen, meaning there’s some consistency with your video. 

Won’t just die out, so it’s not just a topic that’ll fade out and then. You want to make your version of that already popular video, but make sure to make it a 10-minute performance that’s better than the original. Often you can take a three to eight-minute video and make it.

Into a better 10-minute or longer video and do much better regarding both views and subscribers. Secret number three is to keep people on youtube. Think about it this way: you want ideas and subscribers from youtube, and youtube has all the pictures and subscribers you could ever want, so

 how can you get those views and subscribers onto your videos and channels? The first a thousand subscribers you’re looking for are tiny compared to the billions of people on youtube now, and youtube is a business that is one of its prime objectives is to make money now. The way that youtube makes money is by keeping people on youtube, and this is because the more people are on youtube, the more ads

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 they’ll encounter, therefore making youtube more cash and the more they’ll do things like leave super chats on live streams and all the other ways that youtube makes money subscribe to youtube premium and so on now if you can keep people on youtube meaning having high audience retention on your videos youtube will give you all the views and rankings that you want so

 how do you practically do this one of the best ways of doing this is to take one of the most suspenseful parts of your video and put

it is at the beginning of your video. This will hook the viewer early on so that they watch throughout the video and don’t have that final payoff of what the viewer wants to see until near the end. You can also do some curiosity things as well, like you will not believe the number one fastest car in this top 10 fastest cars list and then go through all the cars, and then when you get to the number one, that’s what people will be watching for they’re for increasing into your youtube analytics

75 audience retention

and take a look at your audience retention percentage for specific videos you want your audience retention and keeping people on youtube further and a great way to see how you’re doing is to go a 75 audience retention at the first minute and then 50 throughout the rest of the video if you hit those numbers it’s very likely that your channel is going to blow up and you’ll pass those first thousand subscribers with ease now most people’s intros on youtube are a way too long way too drawn out, and a lot of people are just going to

click off your video before watching throughout your video, so you must hook the people at the beginning of your video so that they care more about your videos, and ideally, they stay on youtube and watch more youtube videos, and that brings us into tip number four which is increasing your session time now session time is the total amount of time that a viewer spends on youtube, and if youtube sees that people go to watch your videos,

 and then they watch a bunch of more videos on youtube regardless if it’s on your channel or someone else’s channel. That’s an excellent factor within the youtube algorithm, and it means that you’re keeping people on the platform that’s ultimately going to make you and youtube the most amount of money, so that you might be saying, matt, I don’t have any 

control how long people watch my videos

 how in the world am I supposed to keep people on youtube now? One of the best ways to do this is to have specific categories of content you upload on your channel. For example, on the track that you’re watching right now, I post videos on how to make money on youtube without making videos, and I also post videos about how to grow on youtube and in turn, I make playlists for each of these types of content now

when you can get a viewer into a playlist environment, they’re much, much much more likely to watch more and more and more videos because the following video that automatically plays after they watch the first video is another one of your videos, so this will not only increase the session time on youtube, but it will also increase your own watch time because you’re keeping people on your videos another thing you can do is to have all the metadata meaning your titles descriptions and tags on your videos in a specific category of content as similar as possible this will make

Sure that your videos are in the recommended feed and the suggested spread of other ones, so when someone watches one of your videos, they go to watch another one in the recommended feed. Ideally, that first video in the suggested video feed will be another one of your videos and if you can get people in these viewer feedback loops, meaning they watch one of your videos. Then they tend to another and another. This will increase the session 


time on your channel drastically. It’ll give you so many extra points within the youtube algorithm and make it much easier to get to your first thousand subscribers. Secret number five is getting people to watch your videos and channel. See, it doesn’t matter if you have the best content in the world. If you don’t get people watching that content, you’re not going to get any subscribers unless people come to your channel and come to your channel page. Hit that subscribes button,

 So, where do your videos surface on youtube, and how can you get people to watch. Those videos well your videos emerge in a few different places; first of all, they’ll appear in search results which is very straightforward when

someone searches for the title of your video or something related to your video; ideally, one of your videos will appear in the search results. They’ll also show up in something called the suggested video feed. This is to the right of your video if you’re watching videos on a

desktop, and it’s right below your video if you’re watching videos on a mobile device. These will be suggested videos related to either your video or the watch history of the person watching youtube, and the third place that videos show up is in something called browse features. This includes the homepage of youtube. When you go on youtube, you see a conglomeration of videos and channels recommended to you

based on channels

 you’ve already watched and to who you’re subscribed now. It’s not enough to show up in all these different places, but the key is to ensure that someone doesn’t just look at your video. Still, they watch it, and the way you have the power to increase the number of people that

care about your video after seeing them in these different places to increase your click-through rate. Now click-through rate is the percentage of people who see your video and your thumbnail in search results in the suggested video feed and then watch that video. Now youtube tells us that 80% of the videos on youtube have less than a five click-through rate, so if you want to do better than 80% of the competition, all you have to do is get a six click-through rate. That’s why I recommend aiming for six per cent, and that’s what I try to do across all of my youtube channels now. This can differ

significantly depending on the type of content that you produce depending on the niche that you’re in, so on average, you want to do better than your channel average and always aim to be doing better than your channel average if you can get a 60 average view duration on a 10-minute video along with a six per cent click-through rate your video is likely going to blow up, and another thing you can do is if you go into your youtube analytics and you look at your click-through rates for videos that you’ve uploaded in the past

 if your

videos aren’t getting a perfect click-through rate. You can replace those thumbnails and put a new thumbnail on your video. It will in no way affect your video negatively if you do this unless, of course, you put a worse thumbnail, but if your thumbnail does better. If the click-through rate goes up, you can keep that thumbnail. You can do split tests on different videos and constantly improve your channel. Now before we get into secret number six,

 make sure to hit that like button and hit the subscribe button if you feel like you’ve gotten value so far. Private number six is to post at least 33 videos now. You can’t expect to get a thousand subscribers on youtube if you post one video or if you don’t even post any content whatsoever; I get so many people who come to me and say, matt, I’ve uploaded 12 videos. Why am I not getting any views? My reply is

 that you haven’t uploaded enough content to have enough data to make an informed decision. I recommend posting at least 33 videos and then analysing and optimising based on the data that those videos provide. I also call this the 33 rule, and it’s the average piece of videos that you need to upload to youtube until one of them takes off, and I’m always aiming to have at least one of my videos take off before those first 33 videos gift you don’t just want to go crazy and upload all kinds of random content to get

For your first 33 videos, ensure you’re only uploading in a specific niche. Don’t just upload all these random videos just hoping one stick only upload videos in a single place, and then this will further implement similar metadata on your channel, which i talked about earlier in this video and get people in those viewer feedback loops and remember what I said if you can keep people on youtube you’re going to get all the views and rankings that you want so bottom line make sure you stick to a single niche and upload at least 33 videos

 before you can make an informed decision about where to go with your content strategy from there because then you can analyse and optimise based on the data, always be trying to get at least a six per cent click-through rate and a 60 average view duration on videos that are at least 10 minutes long and like I said you’ll get all the views and rankings that you want if you do this now since you watched this far in the video I want to give you one bonus tip and this bonus tip is what not to do not under any circumstances, do sub for sub or where people subscribe to each other’s channels to game the youtube algorithm to get more subscribers will only hurt your channel

and on top of that, it breaks the youtube terms of service, and you could be banned as a result and in all honesty, sub4sub is not going to help you at all. This is because every single subscriber that you accumulate by doing sub4sub isn’t going to watch any of your content, and if they do, it’s going to be a minimal amount, meaning you’ll have a super low engagement rate for those subscribers as compared to how many subscribers that you have it will

 Ruin your life, okay, maybe it won’t ruin your life, but bottom line, don’t do it. I’m just trying to look out for everybody out there who’s watching this video and make sure that you have the best chance for success and the best chance of getting those first thousand subscribers the proper way. so that you can monetize your channel and start making money on youtube. I hope you got a ton of value from that first part, and in part two,

 right here, we’re going to go over the next essential step for getting monetized, which is hitting 4 000 hours of watch time on your channel. This means that people spend a total of 4 000 hours watching your videos, and just as a reminder, you need to hit these  4 000 hours of watch time within the past 365 days. They must be on public videos, and I know that sounds like a lot if you’re starting on youtube but trust me, you can achieve it much faster than you probably

 think. I can’t wait for section number three, where I’m going to show you how I got monetized within just 27 days. Still, right now, we must get those first 4 000 hours of watch time, which we’ll be going over to understand how to get 4000 hours of watch time. Let’s first look mathematically at how we can get those first 4 000 watch hours in your youtube analytics. You’ll probably notice that watch time is displayed typically in minutes, and

 this might make it kind of confusing. You’re wondering, well, if I have this many watch minutes and how many watch hours do I have so, let me break it down for you so you can understand how much you need actually to get and so you can monitor your progress  along the way 4 000 watch hours is 240 000 watch minutes now if you make 10-minute videos on your youtube channel, and you get on average a 50 average view  duration on your videos then that is five minutes of average watch time per video on your channel 240 000 total watch minutes

which is needed to get monetized on youtube divided by five minutes of average watch time per video equals 48 000 so in this  case you only need 48 000 views across all of your youtube videos on your  channels to get those first 4 000 hours of watch time and get monetized on your channel so let’s break  it down even further if you upload 33 different youtube videos you only need an average of 1 455 views per video and if you upload a hundred videos

 you only need an average of 480 views per video, and you might be saying, well, that’s a lot of views. How in 16:31 the world am I supposed to get 48 000 views on my videos? Well, the good news is that it’s not as hard as you  probably think, and I’m doing this on new channels all the time from complete scratch, and I’m going to lay out the  blueprint for you right now in these nine tips tip number nine make videos  that are longer than 10 minutes and the reason I say this is because longer videos typically have a longer average  view duration and in turn more watch time on those videos to put this in perspective if someone watches 30 of a 10-minute video that’s

three minutes of watch time, whereas if someone watches 30  of a one-minute video, that’s only 18 seconds of watch time, so now you can start to see the benefits of producing  longer videos because you’re going to get more watch time per view on those videos meaning that you have to get fewer views overall on your channel to get those first 4 000 watch hours and  also another benefit of producing videos that are longer than 10 minutes is that once you do get monetized

 you’ll be able  to put multiple ad breaks on your videos and make a lot more money as a result I know youtube recently changed as  well, and youtube recently released a policy saying that you can put multiple ads on videos that are longer than eight  minutes, so I would make sure that you’re producing videos that are at least eight minutes long but longer than 10 minutes would be ideal tip number eight make list videos so you might be  wondering how you can produce videos that are longer than 10 minutes what are you going to say in the videos  and

 how can your videos be structured well? List videos are an amazing structure to apply to videos on your channel, and it makes it a lot easier to produce these 10-minute-long videos and, in turn, get more watch time; I’m sure you’ve seen list videos out there on youtube, for example, the top 10 fastest cars the top 10 biggest dogs in  the world and videos of this nature and you could apply list videos to an almost any different niche and any different subject out there on youtube that you’re talking about to demonstrate why list videos are so good for example if

 you  make a 10 minute video about the top 10 biggest dogs then you only have to talk  about each different dog for one minute each and just like that you have a 10  minute video so whatever you’re talking about if you make top 10 videos then all you have to do is talk about eachsubject for only one minute each and then at the end you’ll have that 10 minute video and another benefit of list videos is that they typically perform very well in terms of audience retention  and watch time because they typically keep

the viewers attention by covering lots of things in the video and the more  cuts that you have throughout the video the better you’ll be able to hook the viewer in and keep them watching as long as possible therefore giving you more  watch time and getting you closer to those 4 000 watch hours tip number seven is to use playlists correctly so if you  run a youtube channel that talks about multiple different subjects maybe just a single subject but you have multiple  different categories of videos let’s say for example you run an animal channel and you do top 10 dog videos talking about the top 10 biggest dogs the top 10 smallest dogs that would be a category of content and then for example

 you could have another category of content comparing different dog breeds. For example, you might upload videos like german shepherds versus Siberian huskies now, the reason you want to make playlists for each of these different  subjects is that every time you link to one of these videos or you leave links in the description of one of your videos  or people go to your channel, and they look at your playlist every time you get a viewer in the playlist environment  you’ll get a lot more watch time as a result, and you might be saying well how’s that possible that’s because

 when  someone clicks to watch a video from a playlist link, and you get them in a playlist environment, they will  automatically, after they’re done watching that video, be prompted to watch another one of your videos in another one of your videos and another one and that in turn is going to get you a lot more watch time and get you a higher session time on youtube meaning that every single person

 who watches one of your videos on average will watch more of your videos if you can get them into a playlist environment, so it’s imperative that you use playlists correctly on your youtube videos, and you’ll get a lot more watch time as a result and places you can put these  playlists are in the end screens of your videos in the cards of your videos and directly on your channel page you can feature playlists tip number six is to incorporate a popular upload section on your youtube channels so 

when you go to customize your youtube channel, you’ll notice that you can add a popular upload section to your channel. Now your most popular videos are probably your most popular for a reason. Typically, on average, they’ll also get more watch time, so it can be beneficial to feature some of the most popular videos on your main youtube channel page. As you can see on my youtube channel right here, we have the most popular upload section listed right here, and the way that you do that is you click customize channel directly on your channel page and then all you have to do is scroll down and click add section select from content

 select popular uploads now. I already have it right there and then click done, and then you’ll have that section on your channel, and this  makes it so that every single person who comes onto your channel they’ll see that popular upload section and you want to  get them watching those videos because they’re already proven to do good they’re already proven to most likely  get you more watch time as well, therefore, getting you closer to 4 000 watch hours tip number five is to  feature a playlist of high watch time videos so rather than just hoping that your most popular videos have a high  amount of watch time which they most likely do

 but to be sure, what you can additionally do is go into your  youtube analytics, and you can do that by going to your youtube creator studio and then clicking analytics right here, and then what you’re going to want to do is go to engagement right here and then as you can see your top videos  right here in terms of watch time, and another thing you’ll want to do is select for the lifetime of your channel  right there from that drop-down, and then you can see

 the videos of yours that have gotten the most amount of watch  hours and they’ll be shown right here, so then what you’re going to want to do is make a playlist ordering these videos from the first one having the most amount of watch time second one having the second most amount of watch time third one and so on listing your videos in chronological order from your top watch time to the least amount of watch time, and then you can add that playlist on your channel page by clicking add section and then you’re just going to want to select a single  playlist and then

 you can select that playlist right there tip number four is to do live streams doing live streams is  one of the most underlooked ways how you can get 4 000 hours of watch time on your youtube channel, and the reason that  is because live streams typically have a very high average view duration because people who join  live streams typically watch him a lot longer than watching like traditional videos so all you need, if you’re doing live streams, is for a couple of people to join those live streams and this can add up very fast, for example, all of my biggest videos with the biggest average view durations on this channel

 that you’re watching right now, have been live streams. Let me show you just how powerful live streams are. So if we hop into my analytics right here, as you can see on most of my videos, there’s anywhere from like r to six-minute average view duration. Most of my videos are around 10 minutes long now if w. Take a look at this right here. You’ll notice that this video right here has a 13-minute average view duration over double the average for my channel. If we take a look at this video right here, it’s a live stream, so that live streams can be potent, and this one was just under two hours long, so if you can go even longer than

 two hours, you can start to add up the watch time quick tip number three is to upload 33 different youtube videos. Now if you don’t have any videos up on youtube, you’re not going to get any watch time, and I know that seems self-explanatory, but I see so many people out there give up uploading on youtube after they’ve uploaded only ten videos and I really urge you to really  give it a shot and upload at least 33 different youtube videos and then go in and analyze the analytics of those videos see which videos of yours are getting the highest watch time the highest average view durations and 

then make more videos like that and the reason i say 33 is because that’s what i’ve observed to be the average amount of videos on youtube channels that i’ve ran until one of them does take off and you could get lucky right off the bat and within your first 33 videos one of  them might even take off and you might get those 4 000 hours of watch time and in these first 33 different videos don’t worry too much about making the best content in the entire world focus on getting those videos up and then you  can go and analyze your analytics improve double down on what’s working improve based off of what you’re seeing  and then

this is gonna make getting those first four thousand hours of watch time a lot easier now that’s not to say  that you upload a bunch of random videos and random niches and everything you want to only upload videos in a  single niche don’t just upload all these random videos so you can hit those 33 videos  you want to only upload videos in as specific of a niche as possible tip  number two is to double down on what’s working on your channel so once you have your first 33 videos up on your youtube  channel

 it’s time to investigate and see what’s working and what’s not so you can cut out what’s not working and  double down on what is working the way you can do this is to go into your analytics and take a look at the  audience retention graphs for different videos on your channel when you see that graph spike it means that people are  watching more at that point on your video and you want to do more things like

 what’s happening at that point when it goes down you want to cut out whatever you’re doing at that point in the video in future videos that you  produce and upload on your channel and the specific benchmarks that I like to look for in terms of audience retention watch time are at least a 60 average view duration on videos that are about  10 minutes long now if you can hit 60 you’re doing incredibly good, and most videos on youtube don’t have anywhere near those analytics, and it’s very likely you’re to go viral as a result  another thing you’re going to want to look at is click-through rate on your youtube videos now if you’re not familiar click-through rate is a  percentage of people

 who click to watch your videos after seeing your videos and things like search results browse  features the suggested video tab now ideally you want to hit at least a six per cent click-through rate now there are  certain niches where click-through rate will be lower than others so this is just on all of youtube across a big broad spectrum of niches, and youtube tells us that 80 of videos on youtube are within a two and five per cent click-through rate so if you can hit six per cent you’re doing better than most videos, but really you want to  look at your channel average across

 your entire channel and always try to be doing better than your channel average  tip number one is to put a proper channel trailer so as the channel trailer on your youtube channel, you’re going to wanna put one of your highest watch time videos in that spot, and this is going to really help jumpstart you to  get those first 4 000 hours of watch time because then new potential subscribers who take a look at that  video on your channel trailer are likely to watch more of that trailer and in turn as a bonus

 you’ll get a  bunch of more subscribers as well and now let me give you three bonus tips that if you take away anything from  this youtube video, it’s these three things one growth on youtube is usually exponential, meaning that when you upload a bunch of videos on youtube and you don’t see any traction, and I’ve noticed this on so many of the different channels that I’ve ran often the graph on your youtube channel in terms of watch time looks something like this and then all of a sudden it shoots up like this, and  typically this happens around the 33 video mark and if it doesn’t then you can double down on what’s working get  rid of what’s not working and 

then optimize based on your analytics so you can get that exponential growth on your youtube channel to remember that growth on youtube is usually exponential so don’t give up. If you’re not seeing any  results, you could just be one video away from everything taking off two the longer your videos are, the  easier it is to get 4 000 watch hours on youtube so remember this try to produce videos that are at least 10 minutes long  and if you can at least eight minutes long is the minimum that I recommend

 when you’re starting out if  you want to get those first 4 000 watch hours as fast as possible and another great way to produce long videos that a  lot of people will watch a lot is to do live streams on your channel and number three don’t stop uploading no  matter what this is the most important rule do not stop uploading don’t give up if you don’t see any results in the  first 33 videos that you upload or in the first 10 videos that you upload I see so many people give up after 

they  upload five videos on youtube so at least give it a fair shot upload a lot of videos on your channel the more the better I generally recommend uploading one video a day but i also did a video on my youtube channel that you guys can check out where I go over how often you should be uploading on youtube because there are some exceptions to that and I show you exactly what you should be doing in that video if you’re interested all right awesome job making it through that segment right there and now you know how to hit the monetization requirements on youtube but 

if you’re  watching this video right here you probably want to do it fast right you don’t want this to take years and you  want to hit the requirements in the next couple of months which is 100 possible and in fact, I’ve done it in just 27 days and  in our next segment number three we’re going to be going over how exactly I did that and how you can implement the same  exact tactics we’re going to be going over that right now my record for uploading videos on a brand new channel  and meeting the requirements for monetization from scratch is just two weeks and by the fourth week

 the channel  was accepted into the youtube partner program and monetized so that’s only one month to go from having no uploads on a  channel to having a monetized channel imagine if one month from now you could be monetized and making money on youtube  now let’s do some maths and see how it’s even possible to potentially get monetized on youtube in just a month now  quick disclaimer this is a hypothetical situation in no way does this guarantee if you upload videos for a month that  you’re going to get monetized but I do truly believe this is going to help you a ton you need 4 000 hours of watch time  and 1 000 subscribers to meet the requirements for the monetization program

 now you might be saying matt  that’s a ton and that’s going to take forever well it can actually happen faster than you probably think and let  me introduce you to the 30-day youtube monetization challenge say you were to take me up on this challenge and upload  a new video on your channel every single day for 30 days let’s say each of your videos is an average of 12 minutes long  and let’s say that each of

your videos gets an average of a 50 audience view duration meaning for every person who watches your video they watch about half of your video that’s six minutes of watch time per view now remember we have to get that four thousand hour of watch time and if we break it down four thousand hours is 240 000 minutes now if our videos are getting six minutes of average watch time per view 

then we would need 40 000  total views in order to hit those 4 000 hours of watch time now that sounds like a lot until we break it down and we see  that the average view count per video that we would have to aim for is only 1 33 views per video and if you upload  more than 30 videos then you have to get even fewer views now this is just an average view count per video nrom running tons of channels myself 

what I’ve noticed is that about 80 of the views come from only 20  of the videos. What’s more likely to happen is that you’ll upload a ton of videos with very little to no traction, and then you’ll upload one or a couple of videos that get a ton of traction now. Now might be saying,t what about a  thousand subscribers 

how can I hit that fast within 30 days? My channels get about an average of a three per cent view to subscriber ratio, meaning if I get 100 views, I typically like to see three new su cribs on the channel; if we were to get 40 000 total views and three per cent of those views subscribe that’s 1 200 new subscribers who would meet the requirements for monetization now you might be saying matt is this actually po ible and can I do this now realistically it’s probably going to take longer than 30 days to get monetized this is a hypothetical situation where

 this would be possible. I’ve gotten channels monetized in under a month. I’ve had tons of students get their channels monetized in just a  couple of months, but you’re probably wondering how long this will take. Well, the average youtube channel with 1 000 to 10 000 subscribers has about 150 videos on it. If you uploaded three videos every single week, it would take about a year to get those 150 videos that will hopefully then translate into at least a thousand subscribers so

 you can get monetized, but this is the average channel with one to ten thousand subscribers now; most channels on youtube have no idea what they’re doing. They don’t have any strategy in place, and I want to give you a solid strategy so you can hopefully hit these requirements sooner. Look at the first videos of any of your favourite YouTubers, and you’ll probably see that they weren’t 

 the best videos in the world but improved over time. Most YouTubers, including myself, learned the slow way through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. We can shortcut this process and potentially get monetized sooner with these secrets. I wish I had someone tell me these secrets in the beginning when I was starting my channels. I would probably have over 10 million subscribers between my channels instead of the only couple million I have right now. You’re probably saying, matt give me the secrets, and I’m going to give them to 

you but just promise me that you’re actually going to implement this because it could potentially change your channel and it could potentially change your entire life if you start  making money from your channel and build this up into a real business well without further ado secret number one is  to upload 30 to 60 videos on your channel to start now you’re not going to get any views subscribers or anything you’re not going to get monetized if you don’t upload any videos on your channel and i try to see at least some type of  traction within those first 30 to 60 videos that i upload on a channel and if you take me up on this 30 day youtube challenge and upload videos to

your channel on a regular basis over the course of a 30 day period i truly  believe that your channel is going to be way better off than it was before and leave a comment down below if you’re going to do this they might be saying  matt how often should i upload and that brings me into secret number two which is to keep a consistent upload schedule  i recommend aiming to upload at least one video every single week now if you can do more than do three videos a week  and if you can do more than that then do a video every single day but i recommend starting at one video a week seeing

 how much you can upload, you can always increase the frequency which is typically better than decreasing it. Be realistic about this and think about a schedule you can keep long-term with your channel secret number three, which is so big. Do not guess. This is a mistake that I made in the beginning, and this is a mistake that most YouTubers make. They guess what type of content they should make,e and they guess how they should make the content, how they should optimize it, and everything else. When they should be looking at what has already worked on youtube, do not go into a niche that hasn’t been proven to work on youtube. Do not upload video ideas 

that haven’t been proven to get many views. I recommend making sure there are at least a couple of videos with over a hundred thousand views within your niche, and if there are, you’re good then. I recommend modelling what has already worked, video ideas that have already worked, title ideas that have worked thumbnails that have worked.

For example, if you see that every single thumbnail within your niche has a red circle, this is an excellent sign to include red circles within your thumbnails now. This doesn’t mean copy everybody directly but using these channels as inspiration and modelling what has already worked. They might be saying, matt,

 why would they watch my videos instead of the competition, especially if there are better videos on youtube? Why would they watch mine, and how can I get views and subscribers, watch time, and monetise well? Youtube is huge. There are more viewers now than ever on the platform, and competition to a vast degree can be perfect. If there’s a lot of competition within your niche, there are more opportunities for your videos to get recommended in the suggested video feed of those competitors’ videos. You need to ensure that your videos are just as good as the competition, meaning that if you watch one of your competitor’s videos and 

then one of your videos. You watch it unbiased and ask yourself, if I was a viewer looking for a video which one would I get the most value from. Now, value can be educational or entertainment, and you don’t have to be the absolute best videos within your niche to get millions of views and subscribers potentially. You have to be pretty good, and I’ve done this myself, and I’ve gotten millions of subscribers doing so, secret number four. This one sounds strange but hang with me on this one. Get monetized before getting monetized. Now

 you might be saying, matt, what do you mean by getting monetized before monetized? Well, it sounds crazy. Still, you can get monetized before hitting a thousand subscribers in 4 000  hours of watch time. This is by first making sure that you’re in a good niche related to health, wealth, happiness, and relationships. Now you might be saying, matt, why do these niches potentially get monetized sooner? It’s because there’s a ton of demand for buying products within these niches, and you can become an affiliate for

these products from places like or There are many products you can promote to make money way sooner potentially. You can create your product or online course and sell it with your channel. That’s what I do with this channel. Make money, matt. I have a youtube course where I teach people how to succeed on youtube, and I make over a  hundred thousand dollars per month from that course. meanwhile ad revenue-wise

 I make anywhere from six to twelve thousand dollars a month, and someone in my program made over seventy thousand dollars with less than two thousand subscribers by selling his course again; it’s best to be in a niche related to health, wealth, happiness, or relationships because there’s a ton of demand for buying products within these niches not to say you can’t make courses. You can’t promote products outside these niches, but typically I like to look for some sub-niche within these main categories

 secret number five is making sure that your videos can get monetized. Imagine how bad it would be if you got a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time and didn’t get monetized. You’d probably throw your computer against the wall, and I wouldn’t blame you, but there are a few key things that we can do to make sure that our content is good and that we can get monetized. Number 

one, don’t re-upload other people’s videos. Don’t just make tick-tock compilations and re-upload them to your channel. You probably won’t get monetized doing this. Even if you do, it’s going to be very short-lived and if you do use other people’s content within your videos which is possibly a lot of my top channels that have millions of subscribers, do exactly this. I have tons of students doing the same thing, and I teach how to do this within my course tube mastery and monetization. Still, you need to ensure that you’re doing it correctly. This is by following fair use making sure

 you have an original human voiceover on the video and making sure you follow youtube’s police, es and making sure your content is transformative. I talk about that more in-depth in my youtube course to mastery number two. Make sure that you have a human voiceover now. Some channels have gone monetized with robot text-to-speech voiceovers. Still, a lot have not, soI wouldn’t recommend risking it plus, your videos are probably going to do way better with a human voiceover anyway, and number three, make family-friendly content; I don’t recommend swearing in your videos, too much or showing anything violent or explicit and making sure

 you follow all the rules in the youtube monetization policies. Remember, there will be a human from youtube reviewing your channel, so it’s best to follow these rules. Even if you get monetized and you’re breaking a rule, it’s going to be short-lived, so you might as well follow the rules, get monetized and build a long-term business with your channel. Trust me. It’s worth it to start getting those monthly paychecks from youtube and secret number six. If nothing else, implement this action checklist. Make sure your niche has worked on youtube. You see other example channels within your niche doing very well. Post at least 30 videos modelling

what is already worked within your niche? Analyze your analytics and plan out your next batch of 33 videos based on the data from the first follow the monetization rules. Think about alternative monetization strategies and whatever you do not give up early. That’s the biggest thing. If you don’t give up, you’ll be improving your channel over time, but we can shortcut that process by implementing some things within this video. As I promised, we’ll be going over some bonus tips on getting monetized before monetized. Still, before I do, I first want to give you another bonus for sticking with me this long within 

the video will be a list of some of the highest CPM niches. From my personal experience now, CPM means how much money that your channel makes from ad revenue per thousand views on your channel and certain niches have more advertisers spending money within those niches, therefore, meaning they are higher CPM  and you make more money and to demonstrate to you 

how powerful CPM is if you get 100 000 views at only a two very low CPM, by the way, then you only make 200 but if you get that same 100 000 views  but hit a 20 CPM, then you make 2 000 now with CPM, sometimes the higher CPM niches don’t get as many views so sometimes it is beneficial to choose a lower CPM niche if there’s more demand  within that niche and basically what I’m trying to say is that high CPM niches and low CPM niches can both definitely work and there’s pros and cons for each but maybe if I share this list from my experience of some of the highest CPM  niches it’ll spark some ideas off in your mind on a channel 

that you might have already wanted to do anyway, and as a bonus, you could make a ton of money per thousand views with your channel without further ado. A list of the highest CPM niches is finance make money, online technology, health investing, travel, legal insurance, makeup, marketing cars, real estate and movies. By the way, if you’re ever curious about finding more high CPM niches on youtube, a little trick you can do is to go on google and look up which advertisers are spending the most amount of money on youtube and when I was researching this one of the top advertisers I found on youtube was apple now apple is a smartphone manufacturer. It makes sense to assume that if 

you create videos about technology and cell phone reviews. These are likely to be keywords that apple would be advertising on, meaning the cams within those natures would typically be higher by my estimation. Also, if we go down the list of some top advertisers, we have turbo tax which goes into the tax software. We have Expedia, which ties into huge travel videos on youtube. We have Geico for insurance, Disney for movies and entertainment and everything like that,

 we have Bloomberg, which relates to finance, and stars entertainment, which is related to movies and entertainment. We have the motley fool, which is related to finance  and investing, and we have carvana which is related to cars and automotive videos, and now I must say that this also  depends on the number of videos in a certain niche compared to the number of advertisers spend but this can be a good  way at least to get an idea of how much advertisers are spending on youtube and which niches are likely to be higher cpm now I know i mentioned it briefly in the last segment that you just watched that

you can get monetized without even being monetized and that is 100 true and I make way more with these methods that  i’m about to show you than from just youtube ad revenue alone; specifically i’m going to be going over six different  ways on how to get monetized before getting monetized in this segment right  now i’m gonna reveal six ways that you can make money on youtube without being monetized and without ads my name is matt parr i run nine different youtube channels and i’ve been lucky enough to  get a channel to get over a million subscribers and you probably know

 that you need at least 4 000 hours of watch  time and 1 000 subscribers to be able to join the youtube partner program to start making money on youtube from ads  but what if i were to tell you that you can actually make money on youtube without ads so that means you don’t have  to wait to get 4 000 hours of watch time and 1 000 subscribers and you can potentially start making money very soon and that’s not to say that you can’t make a ton of money with youtube ads in fact

 i make over thirty thousand dollars per month just from youtube ads across my nine different youtube channels; however, I make over a hundred thousand  dollars per month from different monetization sources and we’re going to be going over some of those sources in this video today so in this video today I’m going to be going over six free ways  to make money on youtube without ads, and I’ve ranked these from number six to number one from what I would consider the worst ways to make money on youtube without ads to the absolute best way to make money on  youtube without add so

 make sure to watch and tell number one to see my number one recommended strategy but i’m  going to be giving you some super valuable information in this video so without further ado let’s get straight  into the video so for each of these six methods, i’m gonna be going over the good  the bad and how you can get started doing the particular method so let’s start with method number six which is sponsorships i’m sure you’ve seen big youtube channels that have done sponsorships on their channel in which  they say something along the lines of this video was sponsored by this company

 this is where companies will pay to get  an integrated brand sponsorship on a particular youtube video good thing about sponsorships is you don’t have to  have your product; however, the bad thing about sponsorships and why I ranked it as number six is because you  typically need a lot of subscribers to make a brand deal that would get you any substantial income from youtube, so sponsorships aren’t something that’s going to happen right away the next day after you start your youtube channel, but  once you build up an audience you could do sponsorships now and then however I have never done a  sponsorship on

 this makes a money-mad channel, and typically, when you do sponsorships, a lot of them are done on personal channels, and I haven’t done one sponsorship on this channel yet because I personally would rather want to sell  something that I had control over instead of a company telling me what to say now if I really believed in a  product and it was something that I regularly used myself I would consider doing a sponsorship for that but  typically I don’t like what’s associated with doing sponsorships, and that’s why I ranked it as number six now let’s go-to  method number five which is merch i’m sure you’ve seen YouTubers out there plugging their merch every 10 seconds in  their videos and by merch

 I mean, clothing accessories, t-shirts, hoodies, hats there are so many different pieces of  merch that you could potentially sell that could be branded with your channel logo or things from your youtube channel that your fans could connect with now if you wanted to make money from your youtube channel with merch the two main  platforms are the teespring and Shopify now the good thing about selling your merch through a platform like Shopify and then  maybe also an extension like print that’ll allow you to fulfil orders is that you’ll make a lot more profit per  sale on your merch and 

then the good thing about the spring is that it integrates directly with youtube, so  you’ll see your merch below your youtube videos popping up, and that gives viewers one more chance to buy your  merch also, the teespring will do a lot of advertising for you as well if they find customers that they  think are a good fit they’ll advertise in a variety of different platforms and on a ton of different places now the  good thing about merch is that it promotes brand awareness and it builds a sense of community with all of your  subscribers and the ones that buy 

the merch, however, the bad thing about merch is the fact that you only make a tiny  amount of income per sale,e, so that means you have to sell a lot of merch to make any sizeable amount of money, and this can be great if you have a huge following but if you don’t merch  may not be the best option to make money on youtube without ads method number four is memberships and by memberships

 we mean having people pay a recurring monthly fee, whether it’s one dollar a  month, five dollars a month, or ten dollars a month every single month, to get access to either community exclusive content  exclusive live streams, and this is something that you can offer and potentially make money on youtube  without ads 

now, if you want to release a membership, there are a couple of different ways of doing it, and there are a couple of different things that you could offer in return for that recurring monthly fee that you’ll charge your members. Now one thing that you could offer is a private community, whether that be a Facebook group, a discord group, or anything like that, so you could offer exclusive content in which you post content to youtube as unlisted and

 then share the links only with your members and then lastly, you could do exclusive live streams with your members and answer people’s questions. Maybe give some behind-the-scenes looks at your youtube operation as well, and in terms of platforms, you can do memberships directly on youtube no.Youtube has a membership, so if you’ve seen that join button next to the subscriber button on any big youtube channel pages that are actually for memberships in which

 you can get access to memberships for a particular youtube channel now. The second option in terms  of offering memberships would be to offer it through a platform like Patreon,n so with Patreon,n it’s just like youtube memberships however i would do it on youtube since youtube’s going to push that more since it’s integrated  directly on the platform plus people don’t typically like to leave the platform either however there are platforms like Patreon as well now the good thing about memberships is that

you can make monthly recurring  revenue and if say, you have a bunch of people subscribed to your membership, you can get an idea of what you’re  going to be making every single month depending on the churn and how many people unsubscribe every single month; however as long as you’re getting more subscribers to your membership your monthly recurring revenue will continue  to grow now the bad thing about memberships is that you typically only make a minimal amount of money per  month per customer and a lot of people who offer memberships offer it at price points like one dollar a month five  dollars a month and 

that’s not much money per customer type, you want to make more money per customer, and the way  to do that is to be selling higher-priced items, not doing one dollar or  five dollars a month membership, and at that price point, it can be tough to fulfil promises on things  like if you’re going to be giving people who subscribe free stuff, it can become a lot to manage especially if you get a 51:06 lot of members and it can be tough managing things like your groups whether it be on a Facebook group or a discord  group it can get to be a lot to manage method number three is affiliate marketing now affiliate marketing is

  where you put a link to a product or a service or a digital product in the description of your youtube videos, and  every single person who watches your video clicks the link and then buys that product, you’ll get a commission for  every single sale that you make now the commissions on different products differ however if you do choose to do affiliate marketing I recommend promoting what is called digital products now these are products  where there’s

 no overhead to sell the product, and some of the best places you can find digital products to promote are platforms like and There are so many different products you can promote and get a commission on every single sale you get now. Another option is to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program. Now the bad thing about the Amazon affiliate program is that unless  you’re selling costly items on amazon, and even those will cost a lot of money to fulfil typically, you’ll only make a little bit of money per sale that you get on amazon, and really in my experience it hasn’t been worth it, but  if you were to do the amazon affiliate program you could promote things like your camera gear or the equipment that 

 you’re using to film your video, you could always just put the links down in the description of your youtube videos, so if people go to those links and buy a camera which is typically a pretty high-priced item, you could potentially make 52:34 more money per sale now the good thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to have your product having your product can take a lot of time to make, and if it’s a physical product you have to deal with fulfilment and orders and refunds and all that kind of stuff, so the great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t even have to have 

your product, and on marketplaces like digistore24 or Clickbank, it can be straightforward to sign up to those  marketplaces and promote different products on them now. The bad thing about affiliate marketing is that you’re not growing your customer base every single person who purchases even though you are getting a split of the money, and again, that split can differ. Still, every single person who purchases they’re technically a customer for the person that you’re promoting this product, and the good thing about building a customer base is that if you ever release more products down the line,

  you can potentially sell those products to your current customers because your current customers will be the people who want to buy future products that you make the absolute most now. If you were to do affiliate marketing, I recommend what’s called a bridge page. This means bridging you with the product you’re selling, so instead of just linking to the affiliate link directly in your description, link to a bridge page with a video of you on it and an email capture box. That way, you can collect the emails from the potential customers who will buy that product later on

 that way, at least you’re also building an email list as well still not as good as having your product in some ways; however, in other ways, it’s better because you don’t have to create your product, and that’s why I put affiliate marketing at method number three method number two is services or consulting so if you teach things on your youtube channel you could potentially offer to consult going more in-depth about what you’re teaching, and this can be anything from cooking to 

how to build a business, grow a youtube channel, and get better at video games. If you choose the consulting route, you can do so on platforms like clarity.FM in which  people will pay by the minute to get consulting services and get on the phone with you now another variation of this  is selling services, and you can do that by if you edit your videos yourself you could potentially put a link in the  description of 

your youtube videos to you offering editing services or thumbnail services or whatever it is  that you want to offer, and if you do this, you can put your service up on platforms like  and put the links in the description of your youtube videos and say something along the lines of if you like the editing in this video I can edit your video if you want to do youtube or anything like that check  out the link in the description now the good thing about consulting or services and the great thing about consulting is that you can potentially make a lot of money consulting especially if you’re teaching things  that a lot of people want to know now 

the bad thing about consulting is that you’re trading your time for money, and when you trade your time for money, you can make a lot of money short term, but if you ever stop doing that consulting, you won’t continue to make money in the future, and that’s why I ranked it as number two on our list but now let’s go-to method number one my favourite way to make money on youtube without ads and before we go to method number one leave a like on this video and subscribe to the channel if you feel  like I’ve gotten you any value so far now let’s get straight into method number one and method number one  is digital products now I’m sure you’ve seen digital products out there these can be 

 things like courses or books, anything digital that you can sell to people, and a huge misconception out  there is that you have to be an absolute expert in the field that you’re teaching about if you were to, for example, sell an  online course, but you need to be better at whatever you’re teaching or doing  than the people that you’re selling that course to, and if you were to sell online courses you could do so very easily on  platforms like kajabi or teachable or udemy now 

the good thing about digital products is that you can make a lot of money per sale. also, every single time that you sell one of your digital products, it doesn’t cost you anything to ship it out to box it for any of the fulfilment aspects that go into selling that online course using automated tools like teachable or kajabi or automation software like zapier you can automatically fulfil the sales of your digital products, so every single time someone buys a digital product they get it automatically without you having to do any work and because of this selling online courses and doing digital products are incredibly scalable now the bad thing about selling digital products is that it takes a lot of upfront time to

 make, for example. I have a course and community called tube mastery and monetization. It’s not a course, but it’s more of a coaching community in which I answer questions that people have as well if they’re in the community, about how I run nine different youtube channels without ever showing my face and the first version of that course  took me over three months to put together now obviously you could make a digital product or an online course faster than that, but that was just for the first variation of 

the course, and then after that, a year later, now I’m  working on the second version of the course that’s going to be updated and go way more in-depth on exactly how to do  this, so leave a comment below as to which monetization method that you’re going to be doing on your youtube channel is your primary monetization method going to be youtube ads or any of the methods that I listed in this video be sure to leave a comment below also one thing to mention as well is that you can make a lot of money by combining  different monetization methods and I always recommend having one primary monetization method that you go  into as much as 

you can on a particular youtube channel that you’re running because I see each youtube channel that I run as an independently operating business, so I try to go all-in on one monetization method as much as possible  however you can combine different monetization methods, for example, on this youtube channel make money matt not only  do I sell my digital program but also I make money through Adsense through ads  on the channel so you can potentially make money through ads and any of the other monetization methods that I listed  in this video now that you know how to get monetized on youtube fast do you want to discover

 how to make money on youtube without even making videos? If so, feel free to check out this video right here. It’s going to walk you through the exact method and blueprint I’ve used to make millions of dollars on youtube. You can check that out in  this video right here, and I will see you there 

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