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Civilization | The Worlds First Dex Fund (Full Project Review)

The world’s first Dex fund. Hey guys, Brian here, and today I want to talk to you about Civilization. 

And remember, guys, this isn’t any financial advice, so please do your own research and due 

diligence before investing your hard-earned money. And if you like learning about these new 

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And on that note, let’s jump right into the website so you guys know what I’m talking about. And 

Here we are on Civilization, the world’s first debt fund. Decentralized investing for everyone. 

Our community drives decision-making. Autonomous software code goes investment. Overall. 

The Civ fund management system is trustless, not driven by famous CVS, but by performance-driven 

smart contracts. And then we could get into the white paper real quick, but we’re going to go 

over the whole website, and then we’ll go into that. And then we’ll go into some news as well.

So Civilization is artificial intelligence that opens up endless trading opportunities. The token price Cibtrades 24/7 on the Ethereum network only. So there 

is no other civilization connected to this if it’s not on the Ethereum network and then investment. 

We choose the highest-yielding liquidity pools for your money. So they are saying they make 

the markets, unlike any other staking platform. Our trading strategy works in real-time to maximize 

profits and minimize impermanent loss. 

civilization token
civilization token

how to buy civilization coin

Access opportunity across the entire Defi ecosystem 

while letting Civ do the heavy lifting. We do the pool management job for your game. With every 

liquidity farming pool, you must constantly worry about management and the permanent loss. 

Let us fix that for your benefit. Building this technology right now and the beta release by 

the end of Q Three of 2020. And that is pretty much Q Three is right now. And then it goes into their 

telegram right here if you want to get into it. And a lot of you guys know I love stealing and yield 

farming. So this is a very intriguing project for me specifically. And let’s go right into tokenomics right here. 

Their launch was considered 

fair, community-driven, and trustless. The entire supply has been burnt into a liquidity pool 

that is locked and there are no dev wallets or other special interests. Our token cannot be minted. 

Therefore, the Civ supply is kept forever. And the token contract code is public on their GitHub 

page based on the open Zeppelin industry-standard, verified by Ether Skin, and audited by Mythic. 

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Then we can learn more about the civil world of crypto is still in its infancy and the decentralized 

world of decks even more so. Lots of inefficiencies and market opportunities to be grabbed. 

Then we could read their FAQ, which I will go into very soon, just to go into more of the info on 

the token and on the project. And it says here to join the community. And then it goes into how 

to buy the token. And I could go over that in a little bit. But let me go over the FAQ really quickly 

here. And as we see right here. 

How was the Civilization Project born? Let’s click on it. Civilization was inspired by the vision 

of the great Rishi, who envisioned and demonstrated the power of a fully decentralized community 

with Sheba. That original experiment evolved into a decentralized community with a clear 

and upfront purpose to disrupt traditional finance and to create a source of income for the 

community which is external to the ecosystem itself. And said who is behind the team that says 

they are a 100% decentralized team where there is no one doing this for us? Welcome to becoming 

a part of us. It may be a puzzling concept at first, but powerful nevertheless. 

We are already 30 active members of our size and continue to expand. Roles and responsibilities are based on 

each other and the community’s proof of work and proof of stake. The Civilization team is about 

us, not me. And then how did the idea emerge? Originally, it was privately commissioned as a 

system to build an automated income. But then the system was discovered  

to be so interesting that the first friends decided to donate it to the community entirely. 

In this way, it can grow stronger, faster, better, and more sustainable in the long term. Also, 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I really dig that quote right 

there. And now let’s jump into the white paper so it could go over what the platform actually 

does here. And this is the fun thing that I want to go over, but let’s go over tokenomics as 

well. As we could see right here. 

The tokenomics is a 300 million supply with a 0% transaction 

fee and 100% supply that was burnt as I said before. And they’re saying the Civ project token 

can be used as equity in the Civilization project. Enabler investments on the Civ Staking platform, 

a store of value and with investment returns paid in Civ hedge against volatility with Eve Staking 

and Civ burning stored liquidity, receiving daily compounding returns. And this is how the 

CIB yield works. Transparent allocation of rewards and investment returns are automatically reinvested for maximum compounding. 

At the exit, investors receive 80% of returns plus their initial token staked 10% of returns by Civ to burn 

them and the remaining 10% funds execution cost. The initial implementation is an advanced 

AI-powered trading and staking platform for investing in the uni spot B three liquidity pools 

with the goal of maximum daily compounding interest. The starting point to build a growing 

community fund and the same growth. And just, for example, they have a very good one right here. 

Say an investor takes 100 E. After one month, the investor’s position has grown to 135 E.

The investor gets back 128th the 100 principal plus 28, which is 80% of 35 ETH gain. Furthermore, 

the seven-eight of gains are split into 3.5 each one is converted to civ in burnt and the other 

3.5 are saved to fund the execution costs and strategy developers and traders. If you want to 

go into this more, it has a lot of information on what it does to help everyone make passive income off their staking pools. And as we go further, you go into the technology, 

you could go into their roadmap. This white paper goes over so many things that civilization 

can actually do. 

They are putting a lot of use cases into this token and as long as they’re able 

To do so, this could get a lot of traction and pretty much make a lot of people a lot of money. Not 

just on token appreciation, but also on passive income through staking using Civilization. 

And lastly, I want to go over the values and rules of the Dex team, the community principles of 

Civ as anonymity, respect and focus.

 The Civ Ethos is 100% community focus, easy access for all, 

a target of 500% ETH average return per year, automated artificial intelligence, price stability, 

social mission and open innovation. And the thing that I really like about this is that it is 

already on CoinGecko right here and as you can see it is worth $9 and it is up 1.9% on the day here 

and also up 147% on the month.  

Lastly, I want to go into this article that I found on Access Wire that is showing that Civilization 

is using leveraging artificial intelligence technology and the partnership between Civilization 

and Unification foundations eliminate the need to rely on middlemen such as investment bankers 

and then said return the power back into the hands of the investors themselves. 

The result is an intuitive, reliable, and incredibly efficient system or pre-existing power and name recognition 

offer no advantage to the investor. This ensures equality across the board when it comes to 

investing in the D fight. And a lot of you guys know that I love Defi, I’d love doing staking and yield 

farming because it is more money than you’ll ever make by just having it sit in a bank. You get 

so much more by staking and yield farming and Lining. It is just a great tool to expand your wealth. 

And I’m very intrigued with Civilization. It’s definitely a project that I’m going to be looking 

very closely and I do suggest that you guys look into it as well. 

And if it fits your portfolio, definitely take a look at it. 

Remember, do your own research. And this isn’t any investing advice. So if you guys got any value 

out of this video, please don’t forget to like comment, and subscribe to your $10 a free bitcoin 

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