How Google Search can increase your sales

Google AdWords with Search

I have one in this topic I’m going to explain to you why it’s important to learn Search how to advertise in Google AdWords.It’s the advertising platform of Google.So if you really want to advertise on a national or international scale then Google AdWords is the answer.But first, let me explain to you how Google AdWords works.So let’s say I when I’m planning a trip to New York.

So what’s the first thing I’m going to do.I’m going to go to Google and I’m going to type hotels in New York.That’s the first thing I’m going to do.So Google AdWords is its behaviour in marketing.So if a potential customer wants a product or service that you’re selling then he’s going to type.He’s going to express that behaviour by typing the keyword for the term that he’s searching for.

Google AdWords with Search

So I also said I’m planning a trip to New York.So I’m going to search for photos to stay in New York.So I’m going to Google and I’m going to type in hotels being New York.That’s what most people are going to do.So as we can see here the first listings are truly there for listings.Here we only have three.Those are arts that are created through the Google AdWords platform.

So they list things that Google and listening we see here and they say OK this is not.This is another one.This is another one of those top results that we see when we search found something.Those are the advertisements below.Then we see the map and then we see the organic results.And as you can see at the bottom also we also see three more advertising hotels in New York.

Now let’s say another potential customer is looking to find a hotel in Los Angeles.So what he’s going to do.He’s going and typing for class in n I’m jealous.So in this case they’re up to four times means change.So for the people who were.Look we’re looking for New York.They see the advertised Men’s Sean context in New York.But if we search for hotels in Los Angeles then we see advertised men’s that are targeted at the people


looking for hotels in Los Angeles.And that’s the great benefit of advertising in Google AdWords because it’s highly targeted.So whenever you change the keyword the advertisements change according to what you are looking for.So the same goes for your clients.If a potential customer is looking for your product or services or your line of a product.

So for example, if you’re selling furniture you want people when they’re typing furniture out to Los Angeles furniture out things or whatever you want your ad to appear in the eyes of those potential customers.And you can talk about those advertisements top PR only within your region or only within their area that you can distribute supply your product and services.

So that’s called the Google AdWords search platform.That search net.But you have a second platform.Is Google has a second way.Gives you a second opportunity to advertise your product and services.And the second network is called Google Display Network.It’s a network of almost 2 million Web sites that accept offering enticements from Google.

So for example I have here New York Times as one of the best newspapers around the world.I guess I mean what’s all that new.It might not be the best but one of the most famous.So we have.We came here to the new New York Times and we see ads from Google AdWords.So for example this is an.So let me check it change it and we can see more ads come.So we see different ads that are another enticement.

Not the Google advertisement is the key.This is another.So you can actually advertise.This is an app as you can see ads by Google.And as you can see scenes I searched by previous results and my previous such as US words about hotels in New York.Then now I’m seeing I got two year times and I see ads you know promoting me.Hotels in New York.So that’s the week talking.

Also if I visit BBC as you can see here we also see ads by Google.If I go to youtube again here I see those are ads that are created through the Google AdWords platform that are advertising the Google Display Network.If I go to Forbes and here I see ads from Google.So you can’t advertise you know and covered like 90 per cent of the planet with Google AdWords.So there are two major networks where you can advertise where you cannot cut ties with Google AdWords with the first platform, you see through the Google search.

So whatever your potential customer is searching for that’s related to your line of business.You can create your ad and show you know on about the search the organic search results.And the second network is you cannot advertise on all those and all of those Web sites that accept Google advertisements.So it’s really important that people’s visibility is really important that you should learn how to create and effectively manage campaigns in Google AdWords because that’s where everybody’s searching

Google AdWords.You’re searching Google AdWords and search on Google all everybody’s searching in Google search engine.So you should advertise where everybody is located.Where everybody is searching for.So stay tuned for more lessons.Well, I’m going to show you more ways to advertise your product and services effectively.

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