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This is our only chance to see you. And in this topic, I’m going to tell you five tips on how to increase your YouTube subscribers. First of all, let me tell you that I’m the founder of Abalones Business Academy, an academy with the mission to help people like you increase their online sales. So let’s get started with the five tips.

The first tip is that you have to use titles that people are searching for on YouTube.So, for example, when I wanted to create this video about how to gain YouTube subscribers, the first thing that I have done is that I went on YouTube and I search to find how other people are looking for the specific subject. So I found out that people are searching for how to increase YouTube subscribers and they wait to find

Best tips for YouTube channel subscribers

out that this title has a lot of potential a lot of people are searching for.Is that when you type with Title IX, then the YouTube engine search engine completes the title and give you some suggestions.That’s what we call instant search.That means that it’s a title with a lot of searches.So a lot of people are searching for.So when you find the title, you have to write down that title.

So in your YouTube video, you use the exact same title.So, for example, the title of this video is How to Increase YouTube channel Subscribers. I’m not telling, you know, how to get more followers on YouTube or stuff like that.I found a specific title and then I’m targeting my video for that title.OK, so another video that I have and you can check out is for people who want to know the difference between skippable art and non-skippable ads on YouTube.


So I created another video skippable version versus non-skippable YouTube channel ads, and that’s why I listed that video is number one on the YouTube channel search engine globally.Interesting watching that.And therefore, I get a lot of views.I get a lot of reaches.I let I get a lot of our views.Of course, that has a very specific title and it’s targeted at a very specific audience.It depends on the title.

So the title depends on your audience, what they’re looking for, what they want to learn.

So titles are really important.That’s my tip number one.Now, tip number two, you have to create valuable content, valuable videos.I heard somewhere that content is king and it’s indeed my friend is the king.So a lot of people, when they’re talking about gaining subscribers, they’re talking about the technical issues.You know, you have to do these.

You have to change that in your settings.But think about it what people want.You want to get out of YouTube videos.They either want to learn something or they want to get entertained.So if you give them valuable content, people will view your videos.People would like to subscribe to our YouTube channel because they know that they’re going to get something valuable out of it.So the content of the video is really, really important.

Therefore, before you make any video to your research, you know, starting in depth or talk about something that you’re really good at, that you really know.So content is king.So I think it’s second to create valuable content.Now, let’s go-to tip number three, which is to reply back to the comments of your subscribers, because we’re talking about how to get subscribers.But subscribers are people just like you and me.

You might be my subscriber.So you’re not just a number of people.People are subscribers and not just numbers.They’re really people.So if you care about those people, they’re going to care more about you.They’re going to subscribe to our YouTube , and that’s how you’re going to gain subscribers.So reply back to all of your comments.

So if you’re going to comment, I just, you know, just comment below and you’re going to see that I’m going to reply to every single comment because I care for every single one of you.They are who took the time to watch this article and learn something.OK, so always reply back to the comments of your subscribers, which is a real people.

OK, and then let’s go-to tip number four, which is to upload videos on a regular basis.

You know, that’s one of the mistakes that I made in the past. I was uploading videos on a regular basis and then I started gaining followers.Currently, I have around two hundred and fifty subscribers, but then I give up.I just stop creating valuable content on a regular basis.

I was doing, you know, a video once every couple of days.And then I was doing a video once every couple of months and my subscriber’s based stop, stop growing,growing.So if you want to continue having the momentum of subscribers, you have to upload videos on a regular basis,because if you upload videos on a regular basis, first of all, more and more people are going to see if you see your YouTubevideos, if you have more videos out there, more people are going to view them and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

But another thing happens when you create videos on a regular basis, YouTube start to reward you.That means it’s going to start showing your videos to more and more people.That’s why it’s so much easier to gain followers when you already have followers.So what do you do to start getting followers?You create videos on a regular basis.Now, as a beginner, you might start creating videos once a week, but if you really want to grow your

base, you have to upload a video every single day.And that’s what I’m going to try to do.I know it’s not an easy task to do, but that’s what I’m going to try to do, try to upload as many videos on a regular basis, which is my tip number four.And lastly, my last tip is you have to add a subscribe button on your YouTube channel.OK, so every subscriber, every viewer not subscribing because they haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel yet.

So every viewer, everyone who is watching your video can see a small subscribe button on the right hand side of of of all of your videos.OK, I even have a video on how to do that.You can click somewhere here.I put the link so you can click go to that video and I’m going to show you step by step on how to add the subscribe button on your YouTube channel video.

So you have it on your YouTube channel channel. And so whenever you upload a video, it comes with that subscribe button. Actually, that button on YouTube gave that option so you can upload your logo, but instead of your local, you can upload a subscribe button so people can easily click and go and subscribe to your comment.OK, those are my five tips.

I hope you enjoyed it, but don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and please comment below so you can check me out.If I answer all of my calls, all of my comments and also check out how long did it take me to answer your comment.

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