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Frog Inu Token Review

We are going to do multiple tests on this token like Frog Inu Token checking their contract if they have any kind 

Frog Inu Token

of function that can be like misuse to pull their holders because there are so many scams going 

like in certain scam tokens liquidity is removed and in some frog lnu token sales taxes in case to 

almost 100% of some tokens sell tax like you can’t sell that token. So we are going to check all those 


how to tell if a Frog Inu Token is hibernating

So if you are thinking of purchasing this token or you have already invested some of 

your money into this Frog Inu Token, then I would suggest you guys to watch this video and then decide 

what you want to do with this Frog Inu Token. So let’s start the video. I’m going to use some tools like 

Frog Inu Token
Frog Inu Token

basis can Frog Inu Token snipper to get more information about their contract like buy Texas sell taxes 

and if their contract has any kind of like  the main function or something like that. 

So let’s start the article and I’m going to start with their 

website which is frog lnu Frog Inu Token ino IO and this is what their website looks like. Let it load. So yeah you 

you can buy it at the Pancake shop. You can find the Pancake shop link portion link join community may be This is Telegram Group. Yes, I’m right. This is the Telegram Group link and here you can read their white paper. 

We’ll look into that also tells launch phase one. This is like the road map and if 

you look into the road map it seems like this is just a meme Frog Inu Token. Like this have a new word in its 


So we are already assuming like this is a meme Frog Inu Token and by looking into this roadmap it 

is 100% sure it is a meme token and if you click on their white paper, white paper is not available.You will see this page 40 four not available and which is not a good sign like their links are broken on their website. So let’s look into their social media. Let me just go and if we go to the community so we are going to redirect it  

to Twitter. So let’s check their Twitter account. So they have 8000 followers and I suspect 

they must have done some kind of a drop or something like that to get this number of followers 

because their website doesn’t seem very legitimate or something like that. And if you 

look into that Twitter account they joined in May 2022 and this is June. 

So they joined in last one 

month. I don’t know when they joined, June just started. So let me try to scroll down the tweets. 

So 1 second they are showing their Frog Inu Token in comments of other Twitter popular tweets like 

you can say which is not a good sign and here we already found a link. Here you can see IO Bastrop frog lnu token into new. So what this means is they must have these followers from these airdrops. Like 

people have to do these kinds of tasks like follow on their Twitter handle, join their telegram 

to get these number of tokens into their wallet like as air drop or as a reward by doing these type of tasks. So let’s look into their token because  

this is a meme token, there is no team information, no KYC, nothing and their white paper link
is also broken.

So let’s start our analysis I’m going to start with this website basis can and here we can find they have 2249 addresses holding this token. But most of these addresses can be from I’m not sure but these addresses can be from a drop.Like they can add up. They’re talking to as many people as they want. There is an unlimited number of addresses out there. This is not like a way to like if you look into the holder’s information like top holders, there’s a first wallet

pancake shop liquidity and there is the second wallet which is null address 2%. It means like burn address, dead address and third address and fourth address is holding like 2.6%. About 5% of the total supply is open. Like there’s no contract, it’s not logged. And if you look into this token using token snipper we can see they have this is a catnip Frog Inu Token. Let me just search this frog lnu token in a token. So here you can see they have 10% buy taxes and 10% sell taxes. Yes, they have taxes and you have to consider these taxes while purchasing

and selling. Sometimes it opens pumps but you don’t get profit because you are paying 10% of your
investment in buying and 10% while selling. So yeah, this is a significant amount of taxes. Like it is higher than normal. Normal taxes are between five to 6%, five to a maximum 7% you can say but 10% is really high according to me. They also have a fee modifier which is not a good sign. Like they can increase the buy taxes, and sell tax by 200% and if they increase the selling tax by 200% it’s going

to be like an error pool because we can’t sell our token. If you sell $100 worth of your token and with 100% sell taxes you will get zero into your wallet by selling that. So this can be an issue.This function which they have in their contract can be an issue. Ownership is not renowned so they can use this kind of function and their liquidity is locked for 357 days which doesn’t seem like an issue.

But this fee modifier and their website can be an issue like their website links are broken, no team information and Twitter account also look very spammy like they are posting links they’re earlier into other tweets’ replies and most probably they will get banned from Twitter if they continue this kind of behaviour. On their platform. So that’s what I think about this token.And from my side, I do not suggest this token to anyone. If you still want to purchase, it’s yourmoney. But I’m not purchasing it because I’m not convinced. And yeah.

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