cupom de 100 reais google ads

how to get a discount coupon from 100 reais to advertise on Google Apps is Exactly, what I’m going to show you now accompany me. here on my good computer, this one is the site. you have to get it right techusnain is interested to get started here usually.

create your Google account

when you put in to create your Google account it says Since in Google it already appeared option to you receive the coupon, it’s just that now I noticed that he is not showing anymore. so I’ll leave this link here somewhere here around this article and you click on it for you to be directed. here is coming out is active you will be able to rescue.

100 reais google ads

the bread is there for you to use there in your Google AdSense ads. how it works is basically like this They give you no reais bonus is not for you to advertise. However, you only win if you have reais after you advertise using your own 100 your such be you pay without reais. your pocket only then I’ll give it to you some without reais for you are using so how does this coupon work.

google ads coupon 100

them and let’s go to the session And then you come here. and here you go it’s written to enter your email and receive a coupon.
100 reais so I’ll put the email here I’m going to click on I’m not a robot I’ll do it. he asks to click on the images that appear here in the case a crosswalk. Click forward to check to receive the coupon. and then it will show this message here

cupom google ads r $100

you will receive your coupon by email in a few moments. in your first ad now you can enter your coupon and in this case, you can already log into your account here from Google Apps let’s click here to start now as I already am logged in here in Gmail it goes straight as I was already rented here on Gmail

Since he entered this account directly, I’ll check Gmail now to see if I received the discount coupon.
Look how cool they are sent an email that Google Edson their credit in Reais is here. I’ll click and now I’m going to click rescue to open the platform from Google Edson tools and settings.
When you come to promotions,

click here more and put your coupon code

you click here more and put your coupon code in.
As I come here, I’ll copy and paste it, and I’ll send it here, and it will show your registered coupon here, and that one will show the redeemed status awaiting the fulfilment of the criteria, and the criteria are precise.

the criterion of now we announced here inside the platform spending up to without reais and this way when we spend 100 reais here on ads right with our own money. Then he will give us another r$ 100 there for free through this coupon gift. So this is how you get your coupon for 100 reals to advertise on Google Apps.

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