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Catgirl Token The Most Viewed On Coin Market Cap

Catgirl coin is the most viewed crypto project on the coin market cap.

Bitcoin is at number 13, and Shiba Inu is at number 15.  

Catgirl Token
Catgirl Token

catgirl token coinmarketcap

Now, we don’t have many Cat-themed coins and the internet was made for cats. And that’s why Catgirl Token

is the most viewed crypto project on the coin market cap. I’m just kidding, guys. Please don’t dislike 

the article. Now for those that are new here, 

What is Catgirl Token?

Catgirl Token creates an in-depth entertainment 

platform consisting of digitally engineered collectable Catgirl coin. Users can truly own Cat 

goals and verify their ownership on the blockchain with Customizable Category NFPs coming 

soon to the category ecosystem, which will bring a multitude of ways to allow users to express 

themselves and earn rewards. Now, none of what I say in this post is financial advice. The only 

The advice I want to give you guys is not to take any advice from anyone on google. We’re all just 

content creators, not investing experts. Now, do I own a CatGirl coin?

Catgirl Token graph 7 day
Catgirl Token

Catgirl Token price prediction

Yes, I do own a Catgirl coin

token. How much of Cat Girl do I own? Well, slightly over $1,000 worth of Catgirl Token. Am I up on my 

position? No, I’m down. How much  

Am I down? I’m down by 20%. Am I planning to lower my cost basis, meaning buying more category 

tokens? Maybe I will consider buying if the price goes down by another, let’s say 30% or more 

from today’s levels. Okay, now enough questions about me. Let’s carry on with the video. So 

What does it mean for Catgirl coin to be the most viewed crypto project on coin market cap? Does it mean 

Will it go up? Does it mean it will go down? Or does it mean it will go sideways?

Catgirl Token
Catgirl coin
where to buy Catgirl Token

What does it mean for the price? What year is it right now? 2022. Right. Do you know what was the most viewed coin on 

the coin market cap last year? In 2021. Any guesses? That’s right. It was Shiba Inu. All right, it 

was Shiba Inu. And this year it is Catgirl coin. So does that mean Catgirl coin will be the next Shiba Inu 

of 2022? Don’t get too excited just yet. It’s just 4 January. We have just lived like four days 

of 2022. This data here in regards to Shiba Inu was for the entire year of 2021. Catgirl coin is 

right up there on coin market cap definitely  

shows that there is an interest in the Coin. However, you cannot deny the fact that it has been 

on a downtrend for the past two months almost. You may argue that the whole market. The whole 

The crypto market is down trending. That is true. Bitcoin certainly is down trending. But there 

were many coins that did have a short-lived, at least a short-lived pump in the same time frame, 

like Shibnowbi Shajoino and my favourite stump. These projects have strong marketing and 

a very strong, almost cult-like following. I even got some death threats from many Satan holders. 

However, Catgirl coin does not have that cult-like following yet. Also, the Cat Girl development 

the team is not spending on marketing at all, actually. Okay, they did. The last time they did marketing 

was during the La commie Con, and to be honest, I’m not sure if that’s the right place to do marketing. 

Okay, I get that these people who go to these events are probably into anime and comics, and Catcall 

is anime-inspired, so that’s there  

Catgirl Token
Catgirl coin
catgirl coin address

It does seem like the right place for Catgirl to market their coin. Theoretically, yes, it does 

seem like the right place. However, do you really think that these comic book reading people 

will know how to jump through all the loops to buy a crypto coin?  Is this a guy from Breaking Bad anyway? Do they even know what crypto is? Have they ever invested 

in crypto or stocks? Forget about creating a trusted wallet and going to BSE scan, copying the 

right token address, heading over to Pancake swap and connecting that to the trust wallet pasting 

the token address, changing the slippage and importing the coins in the trust wallet. But do they 

even know how to create a centralised exchange account like Gate? I don’t think so. I’m not 

sure, but it doesn’t seem like the right crowd to me, at least. So I feel that that’s the wrong 

crowd to market to. 

Catgirl Token
Catgirl coin

Catgirl token news today

If we were directly selling them a product, like a book or a doll, then yes, 

I would say that that’s the right crowd. But evangelising anime comic people on crypto, that’s 

a tough road. The website is good, it’s well built. The product development team is doing an 

impeccable job. There are more great products in the pipeline, like farming and marketplace 

and so on. The devs want all these products to be  ready before going big on marketing these products here. So what do you think about this approach? 

Do you think this is a good approach, like get the products right first and then go big on marketing 

or do any kind of marketing at all? Because right now it seems like the marketing is almost nonexistent. 

The reason why I bought Catgirl Token in the first place and I still hold is because I like the fundamentals. 

And one of the things I learned in 2021 was that crypto projects don’t go up on fundamentals because 

The average crypto investor does not understand fundamentals. Crypto projects, especially 

smaller ones, go up purely based on hype, and I’m not very confident with this team’s marketing approach, or lack thereof. What do you 

I want to leave my thoughts in the comment. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Catgirl Token
Catgirl Token

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