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AETERNA Full Guide | New DEFI Opportunity? | Tons of Utility Planned?!
Aeterna token

What’s up everybody? Today I’m going to be talking about a growing Aeterna token Five project that involves 

a large ecosystem of tools for investors. This is Eternal.  

Despite the current status of the market, project teams are still working to engage with their 

communities and continue to build on their protocols, and the newly launched Athena project 

is no different.

What is an Aeterna token?

With a long list of upcoming features to improve the ecosystem, the team has 

a lot planned for the near future. Quick shout out to Aeterna token for sponsoring this topic, I received 

many recommendations from the community to review this project, and after researching the 

project details, I decided to give you guys a detailed overview of the Eternal protocol. 

As always, I only put up topics on projects that I’ve personally researched, and I make a commitment 

Aeterna token
Aeterna token

to give you only the facts about each project, with the ultimate decision to invest  

in your hands. These are high-risk projects and none of this is financial advice. My topic are 

a great starting point, but I definitely recommend you do your own research before deciding 

to invest in this topic, I’ll be answering some key questions  

How does it work with the Aeterna token?

About the project, including what is Eternal? How does it work, and how much can you make? And what’s 

in store for their future? I’ll also go over an earnings calculator that I’ve created on Google 

Sheets, which you can find Linked in the description below. Before we get down to business, 

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Aeterna token
Aeterna token

so you can take advantage of all the work I’ve done. It really helps the channel and I would also 

I really appreciate it. Now let’s talk about Eterna. Eterna is a Defi ecosystem that offers a 

variety of ways to generate wealth and navigate through the confusing decentralised world. 

Well, the team’s goal is to make a turn on  

all in one multipurpose crypto ecosystem with utility and sustainability in mind.

The project 

is KYC by Solid Proof and the House of Obsidian team. With this KYC, the House of Obsidian requires 

project teams to submit their government documents, and identification and complete an anti money 

laundering compliance check. They also go through a rigorous interview process.

binance smart chain Aeterna token

This KYC is completed knowing that if the project team tries any funny business, their identities will 

be revealed. And as for audits, the project has been fully audited by Solid Proof and their certification 

The audit is officially in progress and visible on the Surface platform. 

Aeterna token
Aeterna token

Aeterna token price prediction

The project was publicly launched on May 3 and is built on the Balance smart chain. The native token is called Eterna and 

as of today Aeterna token is valued at around a three-point project has a market cap of almost $3 million and a circulating supply of 5000 tokens. How does it work? Well, you can bind to the project and start 

earning rewards simply by purchasing and holding  eternal Aeterna token. 

There’s no need to stake or lock up your tokens on a platform. Just hold the Aeterna token

in your wallet and your token balance increases automatically. Currently, you can either 

exchange BNB for a turn on Pancake swap or through their native exchange tool called Eterna 


Aeterna token
Aeterna token

This project offers a 200,000% API on your initial Eternal balance, which translates 

into a 2.1% daily ROI rebate. Rewards are sent directly to your wallet every 15 minutes or 96 times a day

Note that this project is not advertised as a fixed API, but rather a dynamic API that will 

be adjusted in the future to maintain stability. In terms of the fees associated with this project, 

There’s a 13% token by fee and a 15% selling fee. The 13% buying fee gets distributed as 7% to the 

treasury, 5% to the insurance fund, and 1% towards the liquidity. The 15% selling fee is distributed 

as 8% to the treasury and 6% to the insurance fund and 1% into liquidity. Now let’s take 

a look at the earnings calculator I created  on Google Sheets. 

Aeterna token
Aeterna token
altcoin price

You can find the link in the description below. This calculator was designed 

to show you how much you can earn based on an initial investment of your choosing. All you need 

to do is enter your initial investment in USD and this will calculate your investment in Eternal 

Tokens as well as your earnings per day. To account for the dynamic API, you can enter and change the API as it gets adjusted by the Internet team. So let’s say we wanted to invest 500 USD into the protocol.

We will input $500 here and after the 13% buying tax. This would leave us with $435. 

With the Aeterna token price currently at three-point $0.15, this equates to 138.18 turnout tokens. 

After one day of auto staking and compounding, we would earn two points 91 tokens or nine-point passive income. If we follow this to the one month mark, the USD value of our investment would have grown to over $800. Since the API is not a fixed percentage, the earnings can change depending on how the team makes adjustments to the  value.

Aeterna token
Aeterna token

If that were to occur, you can simply type in the new API and this calculator will adjust 

your projected earnings accordingly. This also depends on the stability of the token price, 

as price fluctuations will impact how much you can actually earn from the protocol. Feel free 

to use this calculator to follow your own investment. So I mentioned earlier that one of the 

The most important thing to look for in a project is sustainability.

So let’s see how it turned out to tackle this with such a high API. The team claims that sustainability is at the forefront 

of the project, they plan to maintain their high returns through their dynamic API protocol 

and innovative utilities. 

The Dynamic API protocol, or Day protocol, works like this. When 

a Turner is experiencing increased buying pressure, the Day can be manually adjusted to increase 

the Rebate API percentage. On the other hand, when there’s increased selling pressure, the 

A day can be adjusted to instead decrease the rebate percentage,  

which helps maintain the stability of the price. Eternal also plans to release a constant stream 

of new features for investors. Some examples are the utility hub, turnip trading tools, 

escrow services, cross-chain bridge lottery system, the Eternal decks, and more.

 Since the project is still very early, most of the features and updates we’re looking for are going to be in the roadmap and let’s take a look at what Eterna has planned for the future. The Eternal white paper shows a three-phase roadmap for the project, with the team currently in phase two. So far, Eternal has successfully launched their token on Pancakes swap. 

Aeterna token price prediction

Be careful though, as I see another coin called Baby Eternal listed and you wouldn’t want to get that confused with Eternal. The Eternal token is now listed on Coin Market Cap, where they ended up ranking in the top four gainers. They were also able to rank in the top three on Dex Tools and now have a token 

listing on Finance. The team plans to give investors a sneak  

peek of their launchpad, called a turnip in Phase two as well. If you don’t know what a crypto 

Launchpad’s purpose is, it’s basically a platform that allows blockchain-based projects 

to raise capital while giving access to early-stage token sales for investors. The launchpad 

will have two separate categories, one for meme tokens and one for legit utility projects. 

However, they will only feature projects that are fully audited and KYC with well built out 

utilities and features. Aeterna token

The project also aims to implement yield farming in the coming weeks 

and launch paid marketing campaigns on ad platforms. In their third phase, they also plan on 

launching 3D NFTs, an NFT marketplace with NFP Staking AirDrop features, getting listed on 

Bitmark Pin and Gate, IO marketing and Esport events, celebrity and influencer marketing, 

and finally launching their upgraded version of Eternal with a refreshed website and white 

paper. Now, when it comes to the utilities that they’re working on, Eterna is looking  to allow investors to purchase with Fiat instead of using Bridging and Exchange platforms, 

which can be a confusing and frustrating experience. 

Their Safe Thought feature will allow 

you to trade projects that are vetted and handpicked by Eterna. As for the lottery, they plan 

on using this as an entertainment hub with three different types of lottery games. As of right 

Now, they have the Native Lottery, BNB Lottery and NFT Lottery coming later. With the Native 

lottery, you can choose to play and redirect your rebate rewards to the prize pool. Whoever 

wins gets a full price pool for themselves. The BNB Lottery is a ticket base lottery where participants buy a ticket for the raffle and the winner gets the jackpot. 

The ticket costs one USD for Eternal holders and two USD for non-holders so this gives people a chance to participate without having to be a token holder. The team is also working on providing automated defy tools for their users.

This will include price alerts and notifications,  real-time contract updates, automatic stop losses and more. Additionally, Eternal is developing a cross-chain bridge that can be used anonymously and with no wallet connection requirements to help prevent malicious attacks. And finally, Eterna is working on an Escrow service to handle transactions between contractors and contract deals. 

The way it works is that two parties create a binding digital contract, and then payable funds can be deposited into a smart contract 

built for the Escrow service called the Eterna Escrow Smart Service Contract or AESC.Aeterna token Let’s 

say a buyer and seller are using the Escrow service. 

Aeterna token
Aeterna token

The buyer would put the funds required for that good or service into the AESC and the seller will provide the good or service to the buyer. Aeterna token

If the goods and services meet the quality expectations agreed upon in the digital contract, 

the funds are released to the seller and if the seller fails to meet the demands of the contract, then the buyer gets the funds back minus a 1% fee. Overall,  

Aeterna token address

In my opinion, it looks like a project that has great things planned for the future. I can appreciate how much thought and effort has gone into the roadmap and their ideas for utilities to add going forward. However, the choice for you to buy is completely ours and as always, please do your own research. When looking into projects that I’ve shared, my goal is to just provide all the information on the project in an easy to consume video. These videos are completely neutral. 

I’m not a part of the project teams and I’m trying everything I can do to remind you to invest at 

your own risk, diversify your investments and only invest what you’re willing to lose. And 

That’s all folks. If you want to stay on top of this project, definitely check out their Discord, 

Twitter and Telegram and if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. As always, if you have any projects you’d like me to look into, let me know in the comments below and remember, these are high risk  projects and none of this is financial advice. I highly recommend that you do your own research before investing in these projects. Hope you guys enjoyed the topic. See you in the next one. 

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